01/06/16: eCOAST publication on seven cryptic species, previously unknown for the Dutch part of the North Sea

In 2015 eCOAST was involved in monitoring of ecologically valuable areas in the Dutch part of the North Sea. As a result of special attention for organisms growing on other species (epibenthos), particularly shellfish and worms, seven cryptic species were found, which were not previously recorded for this area. A paper on these and other rare species appeared in the May issue of the journal ‘De Levende Natuur'.


The species concerned are three bryozoans and four solitary entoprocts. The latter group is totally new to the Netherlands. The species were found on the Dogger Bank, the Oyster Grounds and the Frisian Front. Apparently the bottom of the North Sea harbours quite some novelties.


You can download the publication (in Dutch) here, or you can contact Marco Faasse for more information.