18/07/17: Sampling for CoastBusters

June has been the time for benthic sampling off the coasts of Belgium, for the project "Coastbusters - Development of ecosystem based protection against coastal erosion"



This project aims to develop three nature-inspired design (NID) solutions that enhance coastal resilience by using innovative biostabilization methods. The three concepts that will be tested are based on naturally occurring processes using tube-building polychaete worms, marine flora or bivalves, each with specific enhancement methods to create a natural reef (biogenic reef). The purpose of the reef is to induce natural accretion of sand and reinforce the foreshore against coastal erosion thus adding to coastal protection.


The sampling mission in June was successful in collecting relevant data of the in-situ test location, at the coastline off Nieuwpoort. Reference samples of both sediment and fauna were taken and will be analyzed in order to evaluate changes on the site. 


Collecting sediment samples and physical data 


Sorting fauna from sediment samples