09/05/17: New project, new comer

eCOAST is happy to welcome Jane Collins who is going to work on a multidisciplinary PhD as part of the MarPipe project.


Geologist and oceanographer by training, Jane is now on board for a new challenge: streamlining the legal, policy and governance aspects as well as the innovation management and entrepreneurship of the marine biodiscovery pipeline. 

The first objective of her PhD project is to study the different legal and policy frameworks governing marine biodiscovery (from sample to product). Special attention will be given to hot topics such as the concept of registered collections and synthetic biology. 

The second objective is to investigate the innovation management and entrepreneurship aspects in relation to marine biodiscovery, focusing on case studies of successful and failed examples of marine biodiscovery ventures. 

The specific challenge of Jane's research is to align these two objectives and gain new insight from combining expertise in law, policy and business.


The purpose of the MarPipe project is to improve the flow in the pipeline of the next generation of marine biodiscovery scientists. Marine organisms have the capacity to produce a variety of biologically potent natural products, including antimicrobial and anticancer compounds. 

Early stage researchers will be trained in the field of marine drug-discovery and will study the further development of antimicrobial and anticancer lead compounds originating from a previous EU project (PharmaSea). 

MarPipe will also explore the bioactivity of deep-sea samples (5000m) collected during the recent Eurofleet2 project in the sub-Antarctic. PhD students will thus be involved in all phases of the drug discovery pipeline (from isolation of new species to pre-clinical development of lead compounds) and will be trained to overcome existing bottlenecks in this field (low yields of bioactive compounds, early dereplication, toxicity of compounds). The feasibility of finding new bioactive antimicrobial and anticancer compounds will be increased through 11 PhD projects that cover all of the phases of the biodiscovery pipeline. 


Looking forward to diving deeper into this project !