Strategic Partners 

eCOAST holds strategic partnership deals with a number of companies and research groups at Universities. This way, we can provide a much wider range of services, at the highest possible quality.


If your company is interested in setting up a partnership with eCOAST, please contact our managing director, Thomas Vanagt.


Our partners:












ABS-int is a service company specialized in Access and Benefit-Sharing








ARCHE is an SME specialized in the risk assessment of chemical components.






the Fieldwork Company is a small Dutch company specialized in the organisation and execution of field research for geophysical and ecological monitoring.









The Protistology & Aquatic Ecology Laboratory at Ghent University is highly specialized in freshwater and marine algae.









At the Environmental Toxicology Laboratory of Ghent University, marine pollutants are investigated in their relation to the good environmental health of the seas.