As a research centre, eCOAST covers all aspects of the biology, ecology, chemistry, legal landscape of the marine and brackish environment. Our services range from applied research, over monitoring and field experiments, to desk research and consultancy. Our activities can be divided into five working areas:



These fields cover the natural marine environment and its ecosystems, human use of the maritime space and marine resources, and human influence on the environment. Finally, in marine policy & law, we look at how to deal with this human influence and human use of marine ecosystems.


Our research in these five areas requires the acquisition of new knowledge and new data through field monitoring, field experiments and lab experiments. However, we also have to combine and interpret existing data and knowledge, present within eCOAST and at Ghent University, for desk-based studies.


eCOAST is unique in that we are the only dedicated applied marine research centre in Flanders, and in that we combine own know-how and facilities with the large knowledge-pool and extensive facilities of Ghent University.